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Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Grappa


South Africa


4 Stars Platter's


43.00% alc vol
Region: Stellenbosch


An aromatic bouquet of creamy dark chocolate and sweet raisins. The aftertaste is nutty and long lingering.

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Dried Fruit
Dried Fruit



In Italian tradition, no meal is complete without a grappa, sipped slowly or added in a small amount to a single espresso as a caffé corretto. Grappa is a husk spirit which derives it’s name from Graspa, an Italian term used to describe the fermented grape skins “husks” left over after the wine making process. George explains, “In Italy, when you order a caffè corretto, the barista will simply add a dash of grappa into your single espresso consumed at the counter. Unfortunately this “corretto” custom is not widely practised in South African restaurants or coffee bars because it is difficult to add without the risk of pouring too much, so grappa is always served in a 25ml glass.” This is where the idea of a single dose of grappa was born. Each Dalla Cia Corretto Grappa sachet contains 5ml of grappa, just enough to have your own caffè corretto in a restaurant, at home, anywhere.

An aromatic bouquet of creamy dark chocolate and sweet raisins

Supple, gently unctuous palate.

Lingering nutty aftertaste.

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