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Pinot Noir Chardonnay



South Africa


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Distilled in 2004 from the fermented skins of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot a 10 distillation process was used: 1st Distillation: Potstill (Bain-Marie); 2nd Distillation: Column Distillation (Fractional). The final blend composition: 2/3 cabernet sauvignon grappa, 1/3 merlot grappa.



Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Orange Peel
Orange Peel

It all began in Friuli, Nothern Italy, in the 1920s where a wine merchant by the name of Vittorio Dalla Cia, acquired a small pot still and started the first Dalla Cia Grappa Distillery. His son, Giorgio, moved to South Africa in 1974. Grappa was an inherent part of Giorgio\'s childhood. Im 1996, while working as an oenologist, he fulfilled a lifelong dream with the establishment of the first Grappa distillery on a South African wine estate. His son George follows his footsteps having mastered the art of distilling and the secret family recipe with the use of a discontinuous copper alembic still. More than 80 years since the founding of their first distillery in Italy, the third generation Dalla Cia Distillery, was born in a small industrial area of Stellenbosch. 225 litres of fine Italian style Grappa, from the first distillation in 2004, were put to rest in oak barrels for 10 years. Join us in our celebration..
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